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Design Services

Studio Black Pixels has over 20 years of experience in print, corporate, signage, game and web design. We offer a wide range of services for businesses, including brand identity creation, web design and prototyping for mobile and software applications. Whether you need help with your business's visual identity or are looking to create a new website or mobile app prototype, we have the expertise to elevate your business to the next level.

Development Services

At Studio Black Pixels, we specialize in creating custom websites and web-based systems. Along with our partners, we have experience in multiple fields of business and a deep understanding of development best practices. Let us help your business succeed with our top-quality services

Starter Kits

Embarking on a new business adventure? Congratulations! Get ready to dive headfirst into a thrilling realm of endless possibilities, exhilarating opportunities, and the more than occasional sleepless night that comes with chasing your dreams!

Our practical Business Starter Kits are tailored to assist you by taking care of your printed and digital essentials so you can focus on building your dream business. Together, let's turn your vision into reality!

How to get started: Choose a Business Starter Kit and Website combo and let Studio Black Pixels work our magic! You can mix and match to find the best solution for you and if our business starter kits do not suite your requirements please contact us for our Black Business Starter Kit which is tailored to your needs. 

Business Starter Kits

All business starter kits come standard with a set of printed business cards and email signature


Covers all the essential digital and printed media you need.

Yes! Jedi Solo Master!


  • Logo Design
  • QR Code for your Business
  • Digital Newsletter (Word or Docs)
  • WhatsApp for Business Setup
  • List business on Google Maps


Not going solo, then this is the package tailored for your business.

Always best with a backup!


  • Logo Design
  • Additional 2 Bcards
  • QR Code for your Business
  • Digital Newsletter (Word or Docs)
  • 2 additional Email Signatures
  • WhatsApp for Business Setup 
  • Facebook for Business setup
  • List business on Google Maps


Taking some Storm Troopers? Perfect package for a squad of 5.

Yes! Taking a squad!


  • Logo Design
  • Additional 5 Bcards
  • QR Code for your Business
  • Digital Newsletter (Word or Docs)
  • 5 Additional Email Signatures
  • WhatsApp for Business Setup
  • Facebook for Business setup
  • List business on Google Maps

Web Site Starter Kits

All sites come standard with  Basic SEO, Contact Form Setup, Business Email Setup.
Sites created in WordPress and include a WordPress setup fee.

Starter Site

The perfect site to get you up and going with upgrade options


  • Scrolling Home Page (3 sections)
  • Basic Monthly Tracking Statistics
  • Ad-hoc site support

Silver Site

Site packs a solid punch with additional informational pages


  • Scrolling Home Page (5 Sections)
  • 3 Additional pages
  • Enhanced Monthly Site Tracking
  • 3 Months Basic Site Support

Gold Site

Our premium web starter site with 6 months site support


  • Scrolling Home Page
  • 5 Additional pages
  • Integrate Site With Google (GA4)
  • 6 Months Basic Site Support

Please contact us for pricing if you require a Bootstrap or Legacy site to be created.

Hosting & Domain Name Registration

Cloud ITS Logo

Studio Black Pixels has partnered with Cloud ITS, Your 1-Stop Hosting Provider! to bring you the best hosting and domain name registration services for your Website.

To view more information please click on the Cloud ITS logo. For an additional cost of R600, Studio Black Pixels will facilitate your website hosting and domain name registration. This includes your first month of hosting and domain name.

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